If you feel your prose is ready to achieve some higher end, consider joining us for the next Elevated Prose writing workshop.

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Bring your first attempt at a new genre, your project heading for completion, your short story or novel chapter, your lyric essay, genre-bending journalism or memoir.
No matter what kind of prose you’re writing, you’ll benefit from discussing issues of voice, form, characterization, exposition and integrity.

Fiction plotting and nonfiction narrative require us to understand what makes stories work, what readers need to know and what they need to find out for themselves.
Elevated Prose workshops will be restricted to groups of from 4 to 8 writers, depending on the length of the workshop. Most workshop sessions will meet Thursday evenings from 6 to 8:30 (or 9). Applicants will send a prose sample and describe their present interests or projects; the workshop will combine the most harmonious projects.
To inquire about the workshops, please use the form below. To send a sample of your work, please attach a file to an email and sent it to this address.

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Ask questions, and be sure to tell me about your writing.